Health & Fitness

{Fitness Websites}

  1. Healthy Living for You - Fit, fresh and fashionable fitness & nutrition.
  2. Self - Nutrition, health and advice.
  3. Blisstree – A favorite! Health: how to look, feel and eat healthy.
  4. Active – Ever think of signing up for a 5k, marathon or competitive walk? This is a great place to start looking.
  5. Everything Yoga - Its all about yoga.
  6. The Great Fitness Experiment - A blog with crazy fitness antics and exercise assessments.
  7. Fit Bottomed Girls – Diets…what’s good and what’s wack. They are keeping a lid on the ‘junk in the trunk’.
  8. Choose Veg - A guide to vegetarian and vegan life.
  9. My Fitness Pal - A great site for tracking food intake and exercise. This calorie counter has it all, but you do have to set up an account.
  10. Runner’s World - All the best training and gear for those who love to run.
  11. Shape – Diet, fitness and recipes.

  {Great Fitness Gear}

  1. Moving Comfort – Fitness gear designed with women’s needs in mind.
  2. Athleta – I love this stuff! Can be a bit pricey, so keep an eye out for sales.
  3. LuLu Lemon - Super cute workout gear, with free shipping.
  4. Lucy – Amazing active wear and apparel. Watch the sales for great deals.
  5. Old Navy - Similar to the high-end active wear, but super affordable.

  {Quick Fit References}

Pick a routine and complete nightly before hopping into bed, or right away in the A.M. to boost your calorie burn for the day!

  1. 13 crazy-effective core movements from SHAPE – 13 moves from top trainers around the world to build your core.
  2. 10 crunch-free ab exercises from SHAPE- 10 ab defining movements to that keep you off of the floor, and focus on core.
  3. Top 10 butt toning workouts – Best exercises to to tone your behind, from Fitness Magazine.
  4. Thighs and Legs – Best movements to get slim, sexy legs from Fitness Magazine.

The gallery below is brought to you by a Tumblr website called:
Back on Pointe

These great workout plans and inspirational quotes are perfect refrigerator notes. They can provide motivation for everyday fitness struggles.


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