Going Green

Get all you need for your garden @ Garden Guides


  1. BHG – Better Homes and Gardens.
  2. Go Go Green Garden – Inspiring green living with homegrown goodness.
  3. Smart Gardener - A simple way to grow great food.
  4. Garden Guides – Your guide to everything gardening.
  5. The Garden Central – Tips to being a great plant keeper.
  6. Life on the Balcony – Gardening tips for container garden ideas and apartment living.

{Green Living}

  1. Green Living Ideas – Keeping green ideas simple and down to earth.
  2. The Daily Green – The consumers guide to green living from Good Housekeeping.
  3. Whole Living Magazine – Living green, being green, wellness and healthy eating.

Looking for more Green Living websites….have one? Send it in!

{Green Products}

  1. Mama Goes Green – Reuseable and recyclable products for practical families.
  2. Organic Kidz – Baby bottles, water bottles and cups, stainless steel and BPA free.
  3. Green Living – Earth friendly goods for your home.
  4. Happy Green Bee – Organic clothing for kids.
  5. Pure & Honest Kids – Organic clothing and accessories.
  6. Green Home – The environmental store with products in every category.
  7. Eco-Green Living Products – Green products and supplies for homes and buildings (paint, mattresses, etc).

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