{The Link Shoppe DIRECTORY}

2013 beauty and fashion

Make-up, Hair, Style and Accessories
(feathers, bows, headbands, hats,etc.)

2013 crafts

Crafting inspiration, tutorials, sewing and

2013 Coupons and hot deals

Coupons, coupon help, special deals and
brand names for less.

2013 fonts and buttons

Websites and resources for free fonts (instructions on how to download them)
& buttons for your business and blogs.

2013 free printables

Free printables for holidays, kids, home, parties, organizing and more.

2013 Giving back

Get great products while giving back to those that need your help.

2013 Going Green

Green living, gardening, green products
and recycling.

2013 health fitness

Healthy lifestyle support, exercise,
resources and more.

2013 Home Decor

Inspiration for your home, DIY projects, tutorials
and resources.

2013 party

Inspiration and themes for parties, unique supplies and products.

2013 PhotographyInspiration, DSLR tutorials, and camera accessories.

2013 orgGetting organized and products to help you stay organized.

2013 recipe button

Recipes websites (for crockpots, grilling, gluten free & vegan), baking websites,
baking supplies, cake pops and more.

2013 Retail - kids home etc

Shop for children’s clothing, toys, housewares and unique gifts
for any occasion.


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