My Body Gallery – How do I look??

Ever wish you could view yourself the way others do? If so, you might find today’s link pretty interesting. Many of us struggle with self image – it’s a battle between what we “think” we look like VS. what we “actually” look like. MY BODY GALLERY gives every women the ability to see their true bodies more clearly. By creating a picture gallery of real women, with real bodies – women and girls of every age and every size can type in their criteria and view pictures of women just like them. All you do is enter your weight, height, clothing size and body type!

Check it out at:

my body gallery

Couture without the cost!

Get a serious closet upgrade for the holiday season, without spending a fortune:

Rent a dress from “Rent the Runway“. Yes, you heard that right! Rent a dress, wear it, and ship it back. They also have designer jewelry, purses and more. And right now when you sign up, you can take $30 off of $100.00 order.

Isn’t this a great idea? You will never get caught wearing the same dress twice. Check it out –  it’s been added to the Beauty & Fashion section of The Link Shoppe Directory for future reference.
{Thanks to my cousin Beth for sharing. I can’t wait to try it out!}

“The Directory”

So you visit this website, and maybe you read the posts, but have you actually gone into  {The Link Shoppe Directory} and explored? There are many, many websites listed and so many more to be found.

Here are some samples of categories with-in the website. What are your interests? Care to share a favorite? ;-)

{Beauty & Fashion} ever have trouble picking that perfect nail polish or lip stick color? Temptalia has dozens of swatch colors (for all types of make-up) and tells you exactly who makes them, and what they are called.

{Recipes & Food} ever wonder how long the shelf life for a product is? Or how long you can keep meat in your fridge before you need to throw it away? Shelf Life Advice and Still Tasty have some great references. Both can be found at the bottom of the Recipes & Food page, along with some great recipe finders.

{Parties & Entertaining}  does someone have  birthday coming up? Get all of your inspiration and party ideas here. An all time favorite website for endless party themes and any event is Kara’s Party Ideas. You can find just about any theme under the moon here!

{Health & Fitness}  need inspiration, healthy eating ideas or a great fitness routine? Check out this section for great fitness references. It includes the websites needed to get started, fun blogs, links to great fitness gear, and a quick reference guide for quickie workouts! Check it out here.


You’ve Been Egged!

Have you been egged? If not, it’s time to get your friends before they get you! This is such a fun activity….sneak up to your besties house, or head over to your favorite family members home. Spread some filled easter eggs around their yard, stick this super cute sign on their door (free printable below) and RUN!

Courtesy of Eighteen 25

Since it’s spring break week and the kids are home, I decided to search for some free Easter activities to keep the little ones busy. Here are a few free printables – I hope your kids enjoy!

  • Easter Worksheets via Mama’s learning corner ~ Patterns, beginning word sounds, word searches and more (ages 2+).
  • Easter Worksheets & Learning pages via All Kids Network ~ Word scrambles, matching, alphabetical order, counting and more (ages 3+).
  • Coloring Page  via Tip Junkie ~ Count the easter eggs and coloring page.
  • Paper Dolls via Peonies & Poppyseeds ~ 3 Cutsey dolls with dresses.
  • Boys Lego Easter Bunny Bookmarks via Living Locurto.
  • Peep-er Dolls via Jill Parkin Designs ~ Perfect paper doll activity, but with peeps (see below). The boys will enjoy this one (includes pirates and sports).

(picture courtesy of Tip Junkie)

Can I spark your “Pinterest”?

So I would have to assume that many of you have heard of the mega popular website “PINTEREST“, right? If you haven’t already, you should really check it out. Second to Facebook, it’s said to be the most addicting link on the web. Created in 2010, the website is the latest and greatest for ideas relating to home, crafts, recipes and more. It’s a social media site where you can ‘pin’ all of your favorite ideas on a virtual pin board.

Consider setting up a Pinterest account if you haven’t already. Then, browse “The Link Shoppe”  where many of the websites offer {PIN} buttons – you can then send your favorite links right to your Pin Board.

I read somewhere that in the last few months PINTEREST has grown from 1 million followers to more than 11 million views! Makes me wonder….why didn’t I think of that?!?