What’s on your {Pinterest Bucketlist}?

The idea behind this website was to create a directory of webpages in a variety of categories, AND host weekly themes. It may already be obvious, but I am very behind!!

SO, this weeks posts will be {PINTEREST} themed. I myself have a serious Pinterest addiction. If you too are a Pinterest Lover, you probably have an endless list of {pins} that you are just dying to try out. I call this my “Pinterest Bucketlist”. Maybe its a recipe, a party theme, a favorite product, or craft. If so, I offer you a Pinterest Challenge. Pick your favorite pin, and give yourself one month to complete. Please share your ideas along the way, and I will attempt to do the same. If you are an avid pinner, I would love to follow you. Or you can check out my boards by {clicking here}.

1st on my “Pinterest Bucketlist” is this super cute tiered flower pot. I have the pots, and I have the paint, I am just waiting for my monogrammed letters to arrive in the mail. In the mean time, I am still deciding on what type of flowers I want to add. ♥

Tiered terra cotta planter from Amy @ Positively Splendid

2nd on my list are these petite tin-can cakes. It seems as though miniature foods taste better. And who would’ve thought to cook cake in a tin-can??

Mini cake ideas & directions via {OH HAPPY DAY}

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